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Smart Mini Food Processor

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Smart Mini Food Processor


Product Specifications:

Bowl Capacity: 250ml
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Current: 10A
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 0.3A
Color: White


  1. Before first use, do plug & fully charge the unit. Red Light is on while charging, off when it's full charged. Clean the blade, chopping cup and splash guard before the first use.
  2. Insert the chopping blade onto the centering shaft in the processing bowl. Be careful when handling sharp blades. Add food to be processed into the glass processing bowl (below the max line).
  3. After then insert the lid onto the bowl, then put the motor head on and zip to lid on place. Push the switch and start to process the food. The blades will be blocked if its over loaded when start. Do reduce the amount of the food then go on.
  4. Release the switch about 15 seconds after once cycle processing. Please continue to press and push the switch for another cycle if the food is not fine enough. After processing, remove the motor head, and then take off the splash guard from cup, pour out the food.

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